Noi Italia 2021

"Noi Italia. 100 Statistics to understand the country we live in" provides an overview of the environmental, economic and social characteristics of Italian context, taking into account the regional heterogeneity and the role of Italy in the European Union. The report is organised in six areas and nineteen sections and contains graphs, a glossary, references and useful links, giving the opportunity to download data.
The 2021 edition includes two new indicators in the Energy and Environment section: The Gross final renewable energy consumption and the Recycling of urban waste; they are both very important to monitor the achievement of the European goals aiming at safeguarding the Planet. In addition, the interactive dashboard allows customising information and saving data in csv format.
Finally, brief introductions and “pills of information” are provided for each sections on our website, while “pdf files” may be used for a more traditional analysis of tests and graphs.