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Social protection

An overview

Social protection expenditure to Gdp in 2016 was 29.7%.

The available expenditure on social services also for 2016 was 48.7% for the old age function and 23.1% for the disease, health function.

Municipal expenditure for social services accounted for 6 billion and 932 million euros, i.e. 0.42% to the national Gdp.

Expenditure for regional welfare to the resident population was about 114 euros per year, essentially with no changes from 2013.

Expenditure on social services was only partially met by social contribution (14.0% of Gdp) as evidenced by the index of social security coverage, which was below 100 and has progressively decreased between 2008 and 2013, was stable in 2015 after a slight increase during 2014.

The incidence of pensions over Gdp has slightly decreased to 2014, therefore the growing trend observed in the previous years was inverted.

During the educational year 2014/2015 the Italian municipalities that provided at least one childcare service, namely nursery, micro-nursery and other social and educational services for early childhood were 55.7% of the total. A nursery service was provided by 52.5%  of municipalities; 14.1% of them supplied integrated services for early childhood.


After some years of moderately fast growth, the number of children benefitting  from services either of or financed by the public sector decreased in the period 2011-2014, in spite of the potential decrease in the number of users, the percentage shifted from 14.0% of children aged 0-2 in 2010/2011 to 12.6% in 2014/15.