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Household economic condition

Italy within the European context

In 2016 the Gini coefficient calculated using data relating to income for 2015 recorded by the survey on income and living conditions (Eu-Silc) placed Italy with 0.331 in the 21st position in the growing Eu ranking and over the Eu average (0.308). Other countries of the Mediterranean area such as Portugal  (0.339), Greece (0.343) and Spain (0.345) showed higher values.


Eu28 countries were characterised by considerable differences, passing from the higher values of Bulgaria (0.383) and Lithuania (0.370), which show a high concentration, i.e. few households disposing on high income, to the lower values of Slovenia (0.244) and Slovakia (0.243), characterised by more equal income distribution. 

Within the European Union the highest level of severe material deprivation was recorded in Bulgaria (31.9%) and reached over 20% in Romania and Greece. The countries with the lowest values were Sweden, Luxembourg, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark (lower than 3%). Also the United Kingdom and Spain were below the European average (5.2% and 5.8% respectively), while Italy with 12.1% was 4.6 percentage points higher.