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Italy within the European context

Electricity consumption in the Eu28 countries was 5,448.8 kWh per capita in 2016. The increasing trend is observed in almost all countries for the second year in a row, with the exception of the United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, Germany and Belgium, all showing a decreasing trend.

Compared to 2005 the electricity consumption per capita in Eastern Europe countries, Portugal, Greece, Austria and Malta increased, while it decreased in the rest of the Eu28 countries.  

Italy ranked 17th with an indicator value around 4,717 kWh per capita, lower than the Eu average and the values shown by other larger countries

Finland, Sweden and Luxembourg are the countries that consume the largest amount of electricity (over 10,000 kWh per capita); Finland and Sweden are also the main producers (gross electricity generation more than double the Eu28 average). Italy, with a value equal to 47.8 GWh per 10,000 inhabitants, was below the Eu28 average of 63.7 and the most industrialised countries. The lowest values of the indicator were recorded in the majority of Eastern Europe, with the exception of Malta.

In 2016 in Europe the countries that show very high values (equal to or over 50% of electricity consumption generated from renewable sources) were Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Latvia and Denmark. The Italian value (34%) placed it 9th in the Eu ranking and was nonetheless higher than the Eu28 average (29.6%). In the last eleven years Eu28 countries on average have doubled their share; the best performance was recorded in Denmark and Portugal, where the indicator increased by over 26 percentage points. Sweden and Austria, with a share of over 60% were in line with the 2030 target set in the new Eu Council Directive REDII.