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Business statistics

Italy and its regions

In 2016 nearly all Italian regions showed a strong increasing value of the number of enterprises per 1,000 inhabitants.

Regarding regional distribution, there was a marked difference between the Centre and North area on the one hand, characterised by a high number of enterprises and a higher number of employees than the national average, and the South and Islands area  on the other hand, with smaller enterprises. 

Conversely, a territorial analysis indicates a high propensity to entrepreneurship especially in the South and Islands area, where the number of self-employed reaches the highest value, compared to the lowest values recorded in the North. However, the enterprise population in the South and Islands area is the least stable, with the highest birth and death rates and, consequently, the highest gross turnover rate.


The 5-year survival rates  continued to fall in nearly all Italian regions. The Italian productive system is characterised by a large degree of fragmentation, together with a relative specialisation seen in the micro-enterprise service segment, accounting for over 30% of employment.

Regions in the North-east area had the highest ratio of non-profit institutions to resident population while values lower than the national average were recorded in the South and Islands area except in Sardegna, with values close to those recorded in the North area.