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Italy and its regions

In 2017, Basilicata, Molise and Calabria had the lowest values of municipal waste collected with less than 400 kg per inhabitant; the opposite happened in Emilia-Romagna and Toscana with over 600 kg per inhabitant.

The autonomous province of Bolzano, Campania and Lombardia were among the best performing regions as for the municipal waste management, they disposed in landfills less than 6% to the total of municipal waste collected. Molise, followed by Sicilia and Calabria had the most critical situations with over 55%.

Separate collection increased in all regions exception made for Friuli-Venezia Giulia, however above the 2012 target with 65.5%. The most relevant increase was recorded in the Centre and in the South and Islands areas, it contributed to reduce the wide gap to the North. In terms of incidence over the total national waste, Sicilia  was the least virtuous region, in spite of the six-point-percentage increase to 2016.

As for air pollution, in 2018 North-west households mainly complained for air pollution in the areas they live in, while as for the problem of unpleasant odors the households of Lazio, Puglia and Campania were mainly involved.


In 2015 the consumption of drinkable water was differentiated at country level.

In 2017 about 60% of bathing waters was located in the South and Islands area (3,335 sites), with the percentage of excellent bathing waters above 97% in Puglia and Sardegna. A permanent increase in the number of total sites has been recorded in the Centre and North since 2015.