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Italy within the European context

In 2017 the municipal waste generation in the Eu28 increased as average to 487 kg per capita. Collection increased in almost all European countries exception made for Malta, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Italy. Our country was just over the average, ranking 16th in the down-top ranking.

On the contrary the amount of waste disposed in landfills kept on decreasing. However the situation in the Eu area was still widely differentiated, with many countries of Central and some of the Northern Europe which had a considerably lower value to the European average. Among the most virtuous Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, while Itlay was in line with the Eu average.

During the second term of the Kyoto Protocol (2013-2020), Eu countries have the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% to 1990. The 28 member countries already achieved the goal reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 24% as a whole between 2016 and the base year.

Within the framework of the energy and climate policies (2020-2030), the new Eu goal  is reducing greenhouse gasses by 40%, for Italy the reduction was fixed at 33%.

In 2015 Italy was among the countries with the highest consumpion of drinkable water, and was the fifth in the top-down ranking.

In 2017bathing areas  in the Eu28 (represented by marine-coastal, transitional and surface water) were 21,509, (165 more than in 2016). Italy, with 5,531 sites was the European country with the highest number of bathing waters, followed at a distance by France  (3,379), Germany (2,287), Spain (2,219) and Greece.  Sites meeting the strictest quality standards slightly decreased, and our country ranked ninth in the top-down ranking.